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It is holiday time again but I have far too much work to do! I will get a bit of a rest but I must crack on with stuff in order to not lose my head at a crucial moment. So, I have come home with a pile of books and a list as long as my arm.

I have given up…(I am scared to write this because as soon as I tell anyone what I have given up I feel like I am immediately going to fail)…white wine for lent. I think this week is going to be the biggest challenge. Having a bit of a break, Eva being away, time for a lie in and no white wine. Seems almost unheard of. Anyway, I felt like I was in need of a bit of discipline and the white wine still had an unnecessary hold on me so I felt it was the best thing to give up. I haven’t outlawed all forms of alcohol but I don’t have the same interest in most other sorts of alcohol so I didn’t feel the need to remain completely tea total through lent. Having said that I haven’t had anything to drink since shrove Tuesday. Not all that bothered so far.

Anyway, now I have written that I fancy a nice glass of Chablis. But i will not relent.


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February 15, 2008 at 6:59 pm

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