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We are starting to develop new routines since the arrival of Jacob in our lives. It hasn’t been easy and there have been a few compromises (getting up in the night and early in the morning, picking up poo in little bags, chewed furniture, and lots of farting) but he is a lovely dog and he is very funny. One of the great things we are doing is going on lots of walks around the parish. Jacobs isn’t all that keen really but I am hoping he will start to enjoy walking the streets of Everton with me. It seems the best bit (for Jacob) of wondering around are the tasty banana skins left by those who eat fruit and discard the inedible bits behind. Today I went out for an hour and saw 6 banana skins, the peelings of what seemed like 3 tangerines and a couple of apple cores. I am impressed by the quantity of fruit eating but disappointed by the litter bugging. I try to steer Jacob round the peelings but he does sometimes manage to get a bite – he is very cunning when it comes to eating pavement peelings. Other things he has managed to eat before I got to him include:
lots of toilet roll
2 wicker baskets
the corner of the grandfather clock
the leg of the antique hall table
the foot of the rocking chair
the red rug (has two big holes in it now)
quite a lot of cat food
dishwasher scum
his own poo
my nibbles (on two occasions)
toast crust
Eva’s dinner (once)
Isiah 26
the lectionary for year C


Written by ellenloudon

December 7, 2009 at 10:20 am

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