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Hello dear reader. Thanks for your patience whilst I have been away finishing off my PhD thesis – you’ll be pleased to know it has been submitted to The University of Liverpool and I am now waiting for a viva date. So, I hope to be back here blogging on a regular basis. I am thinking about a re-brand (again) but I suspect that is a while off but in the meantime I will let you know about a few things that have been happening:
– Eva has started walking to school on her own
– We have adopted a puppy from Freshfields – his name is Jacob and he’s very cute (as you can see above)
– Eva, mark and I have been to Belfast for a little jolly – which was great…lots of sitting about, chilling out, catching up with family and friends.
– I have had a cold – I feel much better now, though I am still very tired.
– I am at last feeling like I can get stuck in to parish life. I just hope nothing else comes along to get in the way of being able to be in the parish full time (apart from my more formal curacy training commitments of course).

So, with that in mind I had batter get back to parish life…


Written by ellenloudon

November 4, 2009 at 1:42 pm

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