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last day with my Trinity friends

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So, today was the last time together here at Trinity. The valedictory service went off ok…no tears, only a small fight with Mark at the start and a last chance to say goodbye to people. My head is so full of moving that I was hardly able to take it all in. But it is all done now.

The house is now in complete chaos and it sounds like our new house is a bit chaotic too. The carpets can’t get cleaned until the day we actually move in so I have a feeling that the carpet cleaner and the removal people are going to meet on the stairs. hey ho.

Mark has nearly finished cleaning the cooker and there is only Eva’s room to sort and the outhouses to clear. So, we are on target. I can’t remember it being this last minute when we left Liverpool.

Right I am off to try to sleep. Got to still my head and quieten my heart. The apprehension has kicked in now and worse case scenarios are playing away in my head. My fertile imagination isn’t helping very much!


Written by ellenloudon

June 7, 2008 at 11:10 pm

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