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Bridget and Liz H

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Liz H has had a little boy – Tobias. He was born in the early hours of the morning. I am so made up because that means I get to see him before we leave. I am so excited for Phil and Liz that they have a little boy, they are coming out of the hospital later tonight and tomorrow Bridget and I will go and visit the brood.

I have had a great day – after my feeling strange day yesterday I am relieved that I managed to turn some of the negativity around (see as the classic Sunday school songs says – “a little talk with Jesus makes it right all right”) I problem shared with God is not much of a problem after all. Not to say that the anxiety has magically disappeared but just when I needed to feel like I had a friend I got a great morning shopping, chatting and eating cake with Bridget. I know we left it a bit late to get to be good friends but I love Bridget and she is great.

I am going to miss both Liz and Bridget a great deal when I move. The risk of being good friends with anyone is that you will miss them when they aren’t about any more. Love is a crazy thing isn’t it: Love only works if you take the risk and that is what makes it hurt when it goes. Not that Liz, Bridget and I will not love each other anymore just that not being in the everyday of each other’s lives will mean that we have to renegotiate our relationships. So, that hurts a bit. But I have to say it has been worth it.


Written by ellenloudon

June 5, 2008 at 5:43 pm

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  1. I’ll miss you too, but you know that.I’m really glad you got to meet Toby before you moved.Looking forward to your new blog when it starts up.

    Liz H

    June 13, 2008 at 10:51 am

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