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You may well know that Trinity college is ‘in a relationship’ with the Baptist College (they call it a Federation – which is another way of saying they love each other very much but there is no kissing). Well, the Baptists are great! I say this because I have just read a book about the way they do church, what they think is important and general stuff about the way they developed their theology of church and I found myself being very sympathetic to their decisions. Don’t worry I am not turning Baptist but I can see why my family were congregationalists…whilst not the same as Baptists their self-governance and commitment to mission is particularly compelling. I am an Anglican through and through (cut me in half and “CofE” is written round my inside) but I think I am a Baptist sympathizer.

On another subject altogether. It is 3 weeks till we move! A fact that slightly disturbed me today and I got stress tummy. I wonder if my study in the vicarage will look like this:

another fab cartoon (click on it and it gets bigger) by Dave Walker who now is writing the Church Times Blog. Genius at work.

Written by ellenloudon

May 19, 2008 at 9:56 pm

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