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Today we had a visit from the clergy finance people to talk about stipends, housing and pensions. I am just starting and already thinking about my retirement (in 25years time!). I have to say it is a very scary thing for me to think about money but I guess I need to have a bit of think about it. We will be in dire straits if we don’t plan ahead but Mark has decided that he is going to make lots of money and all will be well. I am hoping this is true but I might just seek some professional help just in case.

It is a very hot day and I am not getting very far with my revision. I have spent the last 20mins or so trying to bid on a top hat on ebay. I want one for ‘events’ – I really wish I had had one for Julian and Andrew’s do (see pic above and for a load more pictures see Mark’s Picasa site). Anyway, after many days trying I now have a 1930’s silk top hat (for £20). Oh joy.

I am off to a Brownie meeting with Eva in a short while and Becky’s over for tea so best get on.

Written by ellenloudon

May 12, 2008 at 3:56 pm

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