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I am in bed. I am feeling a bit groggy and think here is the best place to be for a while. Mark has an unexpected day off so we are taking it easy because there are going to be a few very busy weeks ahead. Eva has a friend over (they had a sleep over last night and are still playing quite happily). I am rather hoping to get sausage sandwich in bed quite soon (the wonderful Mark is busy creating breakfast) and I might even have a doze again. I am sorry if you are reading this from a busy office, whilst doing an essay, if you are dealing with children or just feeling like you are sleep deprived or don’t get enough time to yourself. Believe me I know how you feel…and today’s lie in in bed is very unusual and long overdue. I know that is only a slight consolation. I can only hope you get a chance like this too sometime soon.

Not a lot on today but tomorrow I am off to Horfield prison to hear Geoff preach at 2 morning services in the prison chapel. The only thing is I have to be out the house by 7.45am. hey ho. At least I am back home by 11am.


Written by ellenloudon

May 10, 2008 at 10:46 am

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