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dodgy tummy on Ascension Day

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Miniature from Rabbula Gospels
(Mesopotamia, 6th century)

I have a bit of a weird tummy bug thing that seems to also make my head ache. I am trying to keep eating (one of my main objectives in life is to maintain a steady flow of food) but really I have lost heart for it. Anyway, I have been keeping on doing the stuff I need to do but tonight I feel rubbish. Which is a shame because this weekend is Julian and Andrews wedding and I have been looking forward to it for ages and ages and ages. Mark and Eva are camping in a field in Shropshire Elise and I are staying in a B&B. Oh joy. Perhaps if I eat only a boiled egg for tea I will feel ok tomorrow? I do hope so.

This week has been very busy. Tuesday night we had the fantastic Broadway’s over for supper. What great company they are! If I could take them with us to Liverpool that would be great. But I think they have a life they are enjoying down here so I will have to deal with that!

Wednesday was a college day full of spirituality, meetings and chatting about curacies and stuff. I got an early night because we had Ascension Day communion at 8am – which meant leaving home at 7.40am. Too early to praise the Lord even if it is the day he went up to heaven. I did have quite a good go at being joyful though it was quite a challenge by 11am having had 2 hours if lectures and waiting for a seminar on the sacraments. The best thing that happened today was getting the fantastic clerical shirt that Amanda Judge has handmade for me. It is black and made of lovely linen. I am so pleased with it. Just need some trousers now and I will be set for ordination clothes. I also had my hair cut – there is no blue left, just my natural mouse brown hair!

Well I had better go and sort out tea for Mark and boil my egg!


Written by ellenloudon

May 1, 2008 at 6:07 pm

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