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Last night Mark, Bob, Sue and I went to see Billy Bragg. Reminded that I met Bob and Sue at a Billy Bragg gig 13 years ago – a benefit to safe the Picket, Liverpool (seems like we’ve been trying to save the Picket ever since!)… and that at another Billy Bragg gig in the same year I also re-met Mark. So, Billy Bragg has been an important catalyst in the making of our friendships. Anyway, we’ve all got a bit older and I am not sure how much wiser but we definitely still share the same desire to see the world turned upside down. Perhaps each of us has our own (different) reasons for sharing such a vision but it remains a significant topic of our conversations and a business of our endeavors. In my case I remain convinced that poverty and injustice prevent people from hearing the good news of the kingdom of God and that as the people of God we have an obligation to fight injustice at every level wherever we encounter it. This week we have been meditating on The Jesus Manifesto – a vision of the world changed forever (Matthew 5; Acts 17:1-9). Jesus’ vision for the world turned upside down was one of the meek and the poor being inheritors and the the peacemakers being called children of God. The first will be last and the last will be first.

Anyway, I post this clip of Billy Bragg – his “World Turned Upside Down”. A story of what happens when the dispossessed proclaim what is theirs.


Written by ellenloudon

April 25, 2008 at 9:38 am

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