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back home from Virginia Water

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I decided not to stay for too long. My mum was very tired and I think she needed to be on her own having had Eva for 4 days. I am glad that I came back though. It means I can spend the last day of the holiday with Eva on my own and do a few more bits and bobs here. I am so tired now. You wouldn’t think driving to Virginia Water, dodging the posh people in the massive cars and eating would be so tiring.

I went to see an old friend this morning – Enid. She is in her late 80’s and had just had a new knee fitted. Enid was the first person to mention ordination to me when I was 17years old (all those years ago!). She had a real vision for my ministry and has been a great influence on me and the formation of my faith. She is a straight talking, intelligent, visionary person (she needed vision to see me as a vicar when I was 17years old!). She sees the positive in difficult situations and has been so faithful in her ministry as a reader at Christ Church, Virginia Water. She and her friend Ann work very hard for the church – making pastoral visits, taking funerals, leading services at the Methodist church (which is affiliated to the Anglican church). They are tireless witnesses to the gospel.

I love to spend time with Enid and listen to what she and Ann have been doing in the church and in their other roles. Enid used to be an inspector for Anglican training colleges and knows Trinity well. She has also sat on various boards of training colleges and has a sense of what training for ministry is like as well as what the job entails after training. It is a privilege to spend time with them and I take great encouragement from their interest in me, the family and my ministry. I felt very proud to tell them about my curacy and even though it seems unlikely that they will make my ordination, due to Enid’s poor health, I know I will be in their prayers.

If you get a moment and could spare a prayer for an old friend of mine with a poorly knee and problems with deer who eat her flowers then please do.

Written by ellenloudon

April 17, 2008 at 4:30 pm

Posted in family, friends, ordination

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