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lazy weekend

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I have had a very lazy few days and intend to continue this way until Monday. Friday was spent going here and there, shopping and doing chores with Eva and Elise. Today Eva and I spent most of the morning in our pj’s waiting for my Mum to arrive, then we played Uno for a while and I made a cake and we chatted. Really nothing exciting but just what was needed. I find it so hard to do nothing that when I finally get a chance I have to really give in. I have given in. I cooked a fantastic stroganoff with so lovely beef filet. Elise and Wayne came over so we had a proper so down all 6 of us and I tried out my Bristolian accent on Wayne. Who was (or at least pretended to be) impressed. I managed a whole conversation using all the best brissle words I know. I even managed a few ‘yeah, but no but’s. I think I might have mastered the lingo. But then I have been taught by the master of West Country talk Sea Mill’s stylieee – Wayne (or Wasser as Joe called him).

I am aiming to get the whole lot of us (Mum, Eva and I) out for church in the morning. So, I have come up to bed. Mark is off to Liverpool tomorrow, and Mum and Eva are off to Virginia Water. So, I shall be alone and after this lazy weekend I will be ready to do another essay – the last ever essay, ever, ever.


Written by ellenloudon

April 12, 2008 at 9:19 pm

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