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We had a great weekend in Lee Abbey. Perfect in fact. Just what the doctor ordered and a perfect ending to transition week. I did very little all weekend. Just sat about, drank tea, drank white wine, ate cake (and anything else really), I made a big chicken dinner on Saturday night and we went out for a cream tea. But we did do a lot of talking and thinking. Strange to think that in just a few months we will all be distributed around the country and just Liz, Phil and their inward baby (which should be out by the 2nd week in June) will be in Bristol. In the midst of the excitement of leaving it is also a bit sad that we will disperse and this faze will be done. So, it was good to spend some ‘quality time’ together before things change.

Anyway, got back to find out that Phil Jackson has been really really unwell and spent last week in hospital including a few days in intensive care. He is ok now – well at least he is on the mend – but that was a bit of a shock. So get better quick Phil. xxx

I am off to Liverpool tomorrow. Catching the train on my own (I am a bit girl now and can get a train to the Pool all on my own) at 9.30am. Mark and Eva are staying here and I am off to do some research into a music hall – The Park Palace on Mill Street. So, I will be kept very busy in the Central Library looking at playbills and maps. I will report on how I get on.


Written by ellenloudon

April 6, 2008 at 8:16 pm

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