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I have had a very relaxing weekend. I needed one. I have been strangely anxious this week – the whole moving back to Liverpool and getting ordained stuff has been playing on my mind. There seems so much to get in order and ends to tie. I am a bit distracted by it and even though I am doing absolutely fine getting stuff done and getting my head round it all it does sometimes catch up with me. So, a weekend of resting and chilling out with friends is just what I needed.

Yesterday I spent the day with 20 lovely women from Trinity – our first women’s day! Just chilling out, being spiritually, emotionally and literally fed by each other company was a great top up of joy. What blessing, what grace, what great girls. God really has provided Trinity with some exceptional women!

Today I have been to church and then out to lunch at Wagamamma with Mark and Eva and a little drive followed by afternoon TV (football mainly – go Cardiff City!!!) and a tidy of the house. I meant to go to Foundation AGM but fell asleep and missed it. Last week was so great I am sad to miss this week. But I really need a very early night – I have to finish the Daniel essay tomorrow.

Some Sunday night links for you:
– Bruce Stanley took some great photos of last week’s Foundation little service.
– Maggi Dawn has been speaking to the Arch Bishops – which is very interesting and there is much to come (click on the link to the story about Sentamu being her local priest it is a moving account of his encouragement of her ministry.
– Steve B has got is autograph book out…

I am off to watch Morning in the Streets – recommended by John Davies.


Written by ellenloudon

March 9, 2008 at 6:28 pm

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