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mothering sunday

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Yesterday was a very busy but rewarding day. I was woken up by Mark and Eva – toast and flowers, homemade cards and a homemade bag. Eva was so lovely and kind, I got a fantastic text of Elise and I really felt loved and cherished.

I was leading and preaching at St Peter’s church Lawrence Western. Jenny had very generously allowed me free rein for the service and I had asked a few Trinity friends to come and help me. It was so good to be able to say to all the people who work so hard week in week out at the church that they could have a week off and all they had to do was turn up and worship. The new Church of England Mothering Sunday liturgy, found in New Patterns for Worship was a wonderful resource for the liturgy. I had planed this a few weeks back and it was great to work through it live with the congregation. My biggest challenge was to plan and deliver a service that was accessible enough just in case any children did turn up but not all age because the majority of the congregation is 60+yrs. As it was there were 3 children that just turned up off the street (8year olds on their own with no parents), one family with 3 children, another 11year old who had come with her grandma and Eva (who played the recorder and said the opening blessing). I felt the service went well and there was a great feeling of support and generosity toward myself and the other students. I felt very blessed by the service and the community.

The Trinity team came back for coffee after the service and I got some great feedback (thankfully all seemed well). Geoff stayed for dinner and we chewed the cud for hours and hours…joined by Lizzie May later on and occasionally Mark and Elise. I had a lovely day.

After a brief but necessary doze I went out to Foundation – another fantastic alternative worship service inspired by Babette’s Feast. The group showed clips from the film, served food and shared stories. There was some inspired liturgy and creative ideas (including blessings in bottles). It really was the perfect end to a lovely day. I was very tired and happy as I went to bed thinking about writing an essay on Daniel and leading chapel this week at college.


Written by ellenloudon

March 3, 2008 at 10:43 am

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  1. Ellen – thanks for the kind words about the service. We loved putting it on, and I am delighted that you found it as positive an experience as we did. Also, thank you so much for your contribution during the service itself, by taking your life into your hands and negotiating the sprawling bodies with that tray of red wine! Lastly, apologies if I was a little taciturn beforehand; but you know me, and you know what it’s like – just trying to concentrate on a lot of things!Anyway, bless you.Txx

    Tim Summers

    March 5, 2008 at 8:35 am

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