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It is cold. Is it cold where you are? Well, it is very cold here. But it is lovely and bright so being cold is inconvenient but with an extra jumper on it is bearable. I am really struggling with energy levels which surprises me as I have had plenty of sleep and am not drinking so sleep patterns are quite normal. I don’t really know why I am sluggish. Anyway, we have had a busy weekend with some restful bits in between…

Elise’s mum (Kate) and sister (Orla) have been in Bristol – Orla who is 7yrs stayed over on Friday and she and Eva had a great time. They haven’t seen each other for almost a year so it was great for them to get together again and have a good play. They also had some interesting conversations about being aunty’s and Living in Liverpool – Orla is moving back from Spain with her mum and dad. Anyway, we had a successful morning playing and then lunch at Fresh and Wild followed by a walk. Elise, Kate and Orla have now gone to Liverpool.

I went to M&S to buy some place mats and dinner service. Claire Caddick’s mum sent me some 20% off vouchers so I took the opportunity to go and get a few things I needed /wanted. I also got a new pair of jeans so I don’t look quite so scruffy (some hope – I have a talent for looking scruffy even in the nicest clothes). John H came for dinner which was lovely. We ate lasagna and M&S chocolate pudding. Played guitars and chatted and chatted. It was great and as none of us were drinking it didn’t get messy at all. Very civilized.

I got up for church this morning – I don’t know how or remember getting up – I really wanted to carry on sleeping but was disciplined and we all (Mark as well) made it to church just in time. Came back and had a chat with Linda, a Trinity student who is going to start coming ti St Peter’s alongside her commitments to St Mary’s Shirehampton. It was so good to speak to another trainee vicar about the church and it’s potential. Very refreshing. I had to then clean the house and make lunch which seemed to take for ever.

My mum arrived shortly after lunch and we have been watching TV for a an hour or so. I am now going to start changing the beds and cleaning up a bit upstairs. I am so looking forward to bed. I might be tempted to try out the nice clean bed when I have made it! I am not sure I am going to get out again tonight. I’ll have to wait to see if I get a second wind.

So, not all that exciting really. But hey ho…sometimes we have to tread water in order to get a sense of where we are in relation to the shore.


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February 17, 2008 at 4:21 pm

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