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On Monday Mark bid (on my behalf) on four liturgical stoles – red, purple, black and green. He was successful and they arrived today – all four for £85. Which believe me is a bargain. Even more of a result is the fact that they are beautiful handmade stoles each with it’s own quirky character. I will get mark to take some pictures of them and show you some time. This is an example of how blessing just appears from nowhere. I have been feeling pretty down in the dumps – overwhelmed by essays etc, feeling nervous about curacy stuff, stress of planing to move, family stuff, etc etc. I even felt I needed a few days off and stayed at home to reflect and recoup. So, I was surprised that these stoles could cheer me up so much – after all they are a symbol of the immanent change in my (and my family’s) life. And yet I found them a comfort and blessing. Perhaps it was the fact that they are so lovingly and thoughtfully made by a complete stranger who just made them because she could. Perhaps it was the fact that I am starting to come to terms with the adventure of leaving Trinity and starting curacy etc. Whatever the reasons I am, at last, starting to feel excited.


Written by ellenloudon

February 8, 2008 at 11:30 am

Posted in clerical wear

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