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I have taken the decorations down – with the help of Elise and Amy we sorted everything out and have returned the tree and Christmas box to the attic. I was supposed to be working on my essay on Romans but having spent the morning reading I lost heart and really wanted to sort some stuff out. I had a long list of the this week:
– get my brother and girlfriend a Christmas pressie
– get my mum’s birthday pressie sorted (it is a digital picture frame)
– get a new kettle (the old one is manky and boils very slowly)
– clean the car (done the outside but need to hoover inside)
– recycle (plastic bottles – 2 bin bags full, old toaster)
– fill in forms for Eva’s new school
– make my mums birthday cake (I have made Nigella’s Guinness cake, yum yum)
– sort out insurance for the washing machine
– decorations down
– read for Romans essay

Anyway, all of this is done. Except the reading isn’t complete. I am really not in the mood for reading at all. I think I won’t be settled until we get back from my Mum’s 70th birthday party – which is on Saturday. We leave for Virginia Water tomorrow straight after school. Elise and Amy are in charge at Loudon Bristol HQ. There are a few pizzas in the freezer to keep them going.

I am feeling a bit sicky. Got a poorly belly. I hope this is sorted by tomorrow as we have a weekend of celebrations to get through. My brother has ordered a pink limo for my Mum on Saturday and we’re off to a posh restaurant for lunch etc. Eva and my Mum are very excited. I am hoping Mark is going to cope with all the fuss and having to stay in the strange flat at my Mum’s apartment block (we have to stay in a flat – which we call the shed – which only has 2 single beds and a shower room in it. There is no TV and it is usually very cold). I am almost out of celebration fizz and really could do with being a bit more settled in order to do some work. but hey ho…it’s not often your mother turns 70! I am sure we will have a great time.


Written by ellenloudon

January 3, 2008 at 5:52 pm

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