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It is remarkable how busy we have been. Providing food for large numbers of people, making and remaking beds, tiding up and cleaning loos and keeping the cat away from turkey left-overs has taken it’s toll. I think I will need a holiday after all this. Despite all the business I have had a few very good lie-ins. Having my Mum about means that she and Eva busy themselves in the first hours of the morning. I have got used to not getting up until 9.30am – so I don’t know how we will get back into a routine of early mornings again next week! Eva is back to school on Thursday, I have an essay to write so will be back to that on Thursday as well. Mark is back at work on Wednesday. But until then there is still a lot of holiday fun to be had…

Phil J is here and we are off to a wedding today on the Glass Boat in Bristol docks. It looks very nice but I have only just about managed to find an outfit. I hate looking nice and tidy. I hate all being dressed up – I feel uncomfortable. But what I have is ok. I think it will see me through the day without being too tight and trussed up. Mark is taking us for 2.30pm start. I will repost back tomorrow.

Apart from that we have visitors for just one more day – so best make the most of it. Then we are going to hide in the house for New Year’s eve. Might pop out to the country for a day in the New Year. We have a party for my Mum on Sat (she is 70 on Fri) so we are off to Virginia Water on Friday night after school.

Anyway, Phil is encouraging me to get ready for the wedding now so I had better go and sort myself out now. Hope you all are having a lovely Christmas and getting ready for the New Year.


Written by ellenloudon

December 29, 2007 at 12:25 pm

Posted in family, friends, fun

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