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It is really nearly Christmas and this cold is doing my head in. I am just about coping with chores but after tomorrow Christmas really kicks in and the festivities begin. It is going to be a quiet one with us. Not too many people (which is odd for us as we usually have lots of extras) Mum, me Mark, Eva Elise and Joe for a short while. We are going over to Bath for Boxing day. Then Phil J is coming over on 28th because we are going to a wedding on the 29th, Andy Del might pop over and it would be great if Andrea came for New Year – but it might be a hope too far. I feel a bit cut off this year and this cold isn’t helping. Still it Will be out last quiet Christmas as next year I will be on duty!

I am playing guitar at the carol service tomorrow in church at 10am and I still feel a bit rubbish. Tis cold is nasty. I would love a G&T – but I’m a bit worried that my cold is still hanging about – will it make it worse…what the heck a small one during the strictly last show!


Written by ellenloudon

December 22, 2007 at 8:14 pm

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