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there has been a lot of dancing this weekend. I was dancing about on Friday because managed to put 5,000 words in a reasonable order for this essay (Mark is proofing it as I write so I will have some sort of idea about what more has to be done with it by lunch-time. I have tomorrow to finish it and hand it in by noon tues).

Saturday was Eva’s dance class show – she was a reindeer – it all went off well though to be honest I was quite stressed as I was torn between the dance show/party and the church Christmas open day/fair. They were both happening at the same time and the church and community centre are next door to each other so I was popping in and out of both until the dance thing stopped. The tension between the two groups was a bit stressful as well. I got a lovely chocolate cake and some marmalade though and I had a hand massage which was lovely.

In the evening I went to the Trinity college Christmas review. I was impressed with the array of talent and humorous self reflection. I genuinely had a big laugh. Our group did a rendition of Baby got Book which didn’t go exactly as planned but was OK (only just) though John Bimson was star of our act. I did have a few sherbets so was having a great time. I loved the cheesy disco afterwards and had a great dance with Geoff which made my night.

Strictly is hotting up – really can’t call who is going through but I think Gethin might win. Phil H has a great strictly statistics site which is most useful for updates. I will be glued to the box later for the results and the last Cranford. I will probably pop round to Laura and Paul’s for there Christmas do though that’s really up to Eva as Mark is off to Stroud to watch the footy so she and I will be doing our own thing.

Written by ellenloudon

December 16, 2007 at 10:18 am

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