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This is what time it is. I have led chapel and had a bit of a panic and I am now writing a sermon. This morning’s worship Taize style went very well. I think I find the monastic style of worship help me to focus on God and reach out beyond my feelings, physicality and move from my own ideas and projections. Even when I was leading today I found myself being taken into the chants and praising God as well as reaching out to God’s mercy. I also felt empowered not overwhelmed by the burdens of the world – sometimes I leave prayers for the world exhausted and overwhelmed. But today I came away feeling like my small steps, my little efforts, my whispered prayers can add to the groundswell against injustice; they might contribute to the sound of fury against oppression; they might reach out into peace. When I am tired, when I feel I have nothing else to give, God steps into that mess and doesn’t magically make it disappear but opens up a gap in the darkness for a spec of light to shine in – I can choose to close my eyes and ignore that hope or I can slowly pick at the corners and open it out. So, I am going to spend the day picking at the darkness to see how much light I can let in.

Written by ellenloudon

December 4, 2007 at 10:55 am

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