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My worship group is leading chapel again this week – this week we are doing Taize style worship. This involves (amongst other things) lighting lots of candles, wearing cassock albs, chanting and extended periods of silence. As there were lots of candles to light I got into chapel for 8am this morning – just as well because the person who was doing intercessions was ill so I had to cover for him, also the laptop and projector didn’t turn up. So we improvised our way through and it all seemed to go ok – thanks to the music group and the common worship prayer book.

I was a bit brain dead after it was over though and the prospect of trying to read for my essay or prepare my sermon filled me with horror. So for some reason I decided to go to cribs to finally buy my new macbook. Having received some very generous financial assistance I was able to go to John Lewis and buy one of the peg. It was quite satisfying – if not a bit scary. After nearly a year of saving I now have a new toy to play with. So here I am playing with it now and trying to set up all my systems (the email configuration is taking a while becuase we seem to have lost all the information).

Tonight is Eva’s talent show at brownies so there’s that to look forward to (not). What a terrible mum I am not wanting to sit through a brownie talent show. I am not sure what Eva is doing – it was a recorder act but due to some mix up with music that changed last week so I have no idea what she is planning to do now. I will let you know. Anyway, for some reason Elise has started to put up the Christmas tree and it has set off a chain reaction of shouting and furniture removal. I have to go….


Written by ellenloudon

December 3, 2007 at 3:22 pm

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