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last day of the year

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Well, here we are then. The last day of the year and all is quiet. All our vistors left yesterday and Elise has been at Wayne’s so it is just the three of us left. It is very quiet here. Mark went into the Amnesty Bookshop to do his last shift of the year. Eva and I went to Cribbs to take some clothes back and to potter then we went to see Enchanted. Eva has been desperate to see it all holidays – and I think I’ve been quite keen as well. We both loved it. It had a reasonable sense of self-reflection and irony though I still think the Disney smaltz was a little on the heavy side. The thought of a city lawyer marrying a simple, innocent, Disneyfied pale thin virgin in preference to his long-term designer ‘woman of the world’ left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. But at least we didn’t have to see them snog too much or have any nasty sex scenes. The moral ending was a bit confused and I am not sure if (according to the film) true redemption was found in this world or if we still need Disney to save us???? I discussed this with Eva who was very sure that God would still be involved if it was a ‘really true story’. At least one of us can tell the difference between fact and fiction.

We met Mark for a spot of lunch then came home to rest – for some reason we are still very tired and can’t be bothered to move from the house again today. We have this made capped plan to go to Wookey Hole tomorrow. We have free tickets and rather than stay at home festering on the first day of the year we thought we’d spend it down a hole in Somerset – and why not?

Well, I hope you have a lovely rest of the last day of the old year…and Happy New Year! xxx


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December 31, 2007 at 5:37 pm

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surprisingly busy

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It is remarkable how busy we have been. Providing food for large numbers of people, making and remaking beds, tiding up and cleaning loos and keeping the cat away from turkey left-overs has taken it’s toll. I think I will need a holiday after all this. Despite all the business I have had a few very good lie-ins. Having my Mum about means that she and Eva busy themselves in the first hours of the morning. I have got used to not getting up until 9.30am – so I don’t know how we will get back into a routine of early mornings again next week! Eva is back to school on Thursday, I have an essay to write so will be back to that on Thursday as well. Mark is back at work on Wednesday. But until then there is still a lot of holiday fun to be had…

Phil J is here and we are off to a wedding today on the Glass Boat in Bristol docks. It looks very nice but I have only just about managed to find an outfit. I hate looking nice and tidy. I hate all being dressed up – I feel uncomfortable. But what I have is ok. I think it will see me through the day without being too tight and trussed up. Mark is taking us for 2.30pm start. I will repost back tomorrow.

Apart from that we have visitors for just one more day – so best make the most of it. Then we are going to hide in the house for New Year’s eve. Might pop out to the country for a day in the New Year. We have a party for my Mum on Sat (she is 70 on Fri) so we are off to Virginia Water on Friday night after school.

Anyway, Phil is encouraging me to get ready for the wedding now so I had better go and sort myself out now. Hope you all are having a lovely Christmas and getting ready for the New Year.

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December 29, 2007 at 12:25 pm

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elf me

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Happy Christmas
I have elfed myself

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December 24, 2007 at 11:26 pm

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Elise and I watched the Liverpool nativity again last night and found it very emotional experience the 2nd time around. There was something about the grounded way they told the story – with all it’s impossibleness, confusion, pain and unlikely heroes. It is a challenge to keep telling this story in a way that refreshes us to not just what happened but more importantly why it happened. I think the Liverpool Nativity succeeded in reminding us why this story is still relevant:

God intervened in our world not so powerful people could get what they want but so those who are running scared, who have nowhere to stay, who are not welcome, who are living outside the comfort of society, they get a chance to get what they need. In Jesus we all have a small child full of hope. So, at Christmas we tell this story and remember that the baby Jesus was born in very humble circumstances, had a precarious start to life, was an asylum seeker – a refugee. But his birth was the start of new hope for the whole world.

But I wonder who is listening to this story? Do we like to keep Jesus wrapped up in swaddling clothes, a baby saviour is safer than one that grows up, heals people, challenges society and dies a bloody and shameful death as a common criminal. I wonder if some of us like the baby Jesus more than the grown up one?

I have been sent a few other nativity scenes this year. Each reminding us of other aspects of this story and the twenty first century applications.

The Glasgow Nativity

Walled Nativity, distributed by the Amos Trust – A nativity set with a difference – this year the wise men won’t get to the stable.

Poignant, ironic and made in Bethlehem.
Apart from a small administration fee takings go to the manufacturers we work with in Bethlehem.

There has been quite a lot of blogging interest in these modern nativities – Cramner takes a political view; The Cartoon Church leaves it to others to have their say; John Davies has a local view; Steve B incorporates his own advent meditations into his response.

I took part in St Peter’s carol service yesterday and despite some family irritations (can’t be bothered to even raise them again here) we had a lovely Sunday as the family gathered to watch films, eat and chill out. Mark is at the Amnesty bookshop doing his last volunteer of the year, I am in bed, Mum is making angels with Eva and Elise is watching tv. All is well in the Loudon house. Our own imperfect nativity is set.

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December 24, 2007 at 10:06 am

not getting better quick enough

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It is really nearly Christmas and this cold is doing my head in. I am just about coping with chores but after tomorrow Christmas really kicks in and the festivities begin. It is going to be a quiet one with us. Not too many people (which is odd for us as we usually have lots of extras) Mum, me Mark, Eva Elise and Joe for a short while. We are going over to Bath for Boxing day. Then Phil J is coming over on 28th because we are going to a wedding on the 29th, Andy Del might pop over and it would be great if Andrea came for New Year – but it might be a hope too far. I feel a bit cut off this year and this cold isn’t helping. Still it Will be out last quiet Christmas as next year I will be on duty!

I am playing guitar at the carol service tomorrow in church at 10am and I still feel a bit rubbish. Tis cold is nasty. I would love a G&T – but I’m a bit worried that my cold is still hanging about – will it make it worse…what the heck a small one during the strictly last show!

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December 22, 2007 at 8:14 pm

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last minute Christmas shopping

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I am not doing anything.I have a nasty cold and am stuck in bed – done the cards though which is good. But I hate it here already. Elise and Eva have gone to do some last minute shopping and I may have a little sleep though the last time I went off I have horrid dreams and woke up in a sweat (nice!). I have a bunged up nose and a banging head and want to eat all the food in the world.

Anyway, I wonder if you might need a bit of cheering up as well? If you do take a look at the reviews for Bic Crystal ballpoint pen, medium point, black, on amazon. It is a beautiful thing.

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December 20, 2007 at 1:28 pm

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new hair

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I have had my Christmas haircut and have decided on purple for the rest of Advent and Christmas. I hope you like it.

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December 18, 2007 at 8:55 pm

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