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both Mark and I are not well – I have a virus (cold sore, head ache, sickly), Mark is cream crackered – he’s been working all week, then sorting Eva out and being in charge of the house and because I am busy and ill he takes the brunt of domestic chores. It is grim when we both are ill. He’s gone to bed and I am bathing Eva. It is shame that we aren’t firing on all cylinders because we had 2 invites out this evening. Firstly, we were asked overt to the Broadway’s to the private view of their exhibition; secondly Steve Tunnicliff and Adam Bond asked if we fancied a curry. We hardly ever get out and we end up doing nothing, going to bed early and, in my case, reading Moltman’s The Crucified God (Oh Joy).

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. It is academic awards at Trinity on Saturday – I can’t get to the ceremony because there isn’t childcare and Eva has her penultimate dance class before she has the Christmas show. I have a very large shopping trip to do – we haven’t been to the shop since last Fri and have been living on Birthday leftovers for a week (tonight’s pasta bake whilst being quite tasty used up all the remaining veg). Jenny Low is coming over for afternoon tea, as she is a vicar I shall we uttering the immortal lines (More tea vicar) with relish (though milk is traditional – see what I did there?). Sunday I might skive off morning church because I think I need a rest but I am just as likely to decide to get up and go. In the evening is Foundation middle sized service – all things in common? which I hope I will get to (as long as I have completed my sermon, read some stuff on Paul’s attitude to the cross, and had at least 3 hours cuddling with Eva).


Written by ellenloudon

November 30, 2007 at 7:55 pm

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