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Steve and Moira Broadway

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Last night Mark and I had a lovely meal at the house of Steve and Moira Broadway. A fab dinner (roast pork, red cabbage and roast veggies, apple crumble for pudding – yum
yum!) and great conversation. Steve and I met in cyberspace blogging then in real life at Foundation – but actually sitting down to a meal and having a face-to-face conversation has alluded us for almost a year. So, it was great to spend time with Moira and Steve, visit their lovely house, see the exhibition space in the basement and just hang out together. Thanks to the Broadway’s for making us feel so welcome and special. xxx

On Sunday my college pastoral group came over to ours for a pot-luck lunch. Over 25 people (including babies, children and teenagers) in our little house was a bit of a squeeze for a sit-down meal but somehow we managed it – a bit of fork rotation was required, but hey ho! Despite my initial disappointment at having to change groups this year I am really enjoying the new group and the opportunity to meet some new people. We are quite a diverse group – ages, gender, married, single, some living in Bristol others commuting, with and without children – and as we get to know each we are starting to find our common focus and the way we can support each other in Trinity community life. I had a great time. The one thing about a small house is that it doesn’t take long to clear up – I was sorted by the time Strictly Come Dancing results show started. But, I was exhausted!


Written by ellenloudon

November 13, 2007 at 10:10 am

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