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both Mark and I are not well – I have a virus (cold sore, head ache, sickly), Mark is cream crackered – he’s been working all week, then sorting Eva out and being in charge of the house and because I am busy and ill he takes the brunt of domestic chores. It is grim when we both are ill. He’s gone to bed and I am bathing Eva. It is shame that we aren’t firing on all cylinders because we had 2 invites out this evening. Firstly, we were asked overt to the Broadway’s to the private view of their exhibition; secondly Steve Tunnicliff and Adam Bond asked if we fancied a curry. We hardly ever get out and we end up doing nothing, going to bed early and, in my case, reading Moltman’s The Crucified God (Oh Joy).

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. It is academic awards at Trinity on Saturday – I can’t get to the ceremony because there isn’t childcare and Eva has her penultimate dance class before she has the Christmas show. I have a very large shopping trip to do – we haven’t been to the shop since last Fri and have been living on Birthday leftovers for a week (tonight’s pasta bake whilst being quite tasty used up all the remaining veg). Jenny Low is coming over for afternoon tea, as she is a vicar I shall we uttering the immortal lines (More tea vicar) with relish (though milk is traditional – see what I did there?). Sunday I might skive off morning church because I think I need a rest but I am just as likely to decide to get up and go. In the evening is Foundation middle sized service – all things in common? which I hope I will get to (as long as I have completed my sermon, read some stuff on Paul’s attitude to the cross, and had at least 3 hours cuddling with Eva).


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November 30, 2007 at 7:55 pm


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seems to have just disappeared – puff and it has gone. It will probably be back on by tomorrow but it got me thinking about how reliant I have become on such strange communication – things that happen somewhere else and that I have no real control of. When t’internet broke in out house at the weekend it was liberating (as I have already mentioned) but it was also a bit scary. I needed to write an essay and a sermon and it would have been useful to get on-line to check a few things: I copy bible passages via t’internet, find references, look up journals, use Wikipedia (just too often for my own good) and just love to surf for mindless stuff to chill out. But I wonder if I am actually over stimulating my brain, putting too much stuff in my head and communicating in an irrational and person-less way? If I carry on using this technology I need to find a healthier way to use it. I am becoming too dependent and to be honest if I can’t control the mechanism of communication I can not rely on it and so it is useless to me.

So, Youtube is down and as a result I can not access my videos or check comments that have been left – therefore it is an unreliable form of communication and I should not trust it. It is just a game and I can walk away from it (if I keep telling myself this and it might actually become true). The irony of my posting this via my blog is not lost on me.

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November 29, 2007 at 11:07 pm

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photos of trinity college

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Trinity Library

Mark has been taking photos of college for some publicity. They cover a normal day at Trinity – chapel, lectures, community coffee, library, bookshop, lunch…that sort of thing. Anyway, If you’d like to take a look then go to Mark’s Picasa page.

I am struggling with a nasty virus at the moment. Got a cold sore and feel sick. I am going to get an early night and hope that tomorrow brings a bit more positive health vibes. I have so much to do and feel under a great deal of pressure. I am sure it will all get done but I could really do with NOT being ill. hey ho.

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November 28, 2007 at 9:41 pm

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birthday cards

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I am so grateful to my lovely friends for their birthday kindness and generosity. I have lots of lovely cards and presents and because my Mum was so generous I think I am going to be able to finally, after nearly a year of saving up, buy a macbook (they didn’t have any in at John Lewis when I went at the weekend – JL offer a 2 year guarantee so are my choice of supplier). So, I really am a very fortunate birthday girl. Except it isn’t my birthday anymore…and I would like some advice on how long to keep my cards up. I think a week is about right but I am already thinking they need to come down. What do you think? What is official card etiquette?

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November 27, 2007 at 9:54 am

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Cheers! (not sure about this photo – I hadn’t even had a drink and I have boss eyes, my hair is also flat. Hey ho)

Had a low tech weekend because the internet broke down at our house. So, I couldn’t email or blog. It was very strange but liberating.

Anyway, I had a great party on Friday – as you know, because you were there…weren’t you? – I haven’t been up that late for ages and I danced and danced until my feet swelled up and my back ached (actually that didn’t happen until the next day). I ate too much cake. I still have one more cake to eat – let me know if you’d like a piece – but it’s shop bought!!! It was great to see so many people from out of town and witness Foundation, Trinity and Liverpool people mixing. I think we did very well.

Saturday was a very chilled out recovery day – Andrea and I spent most of it (when we eventually got up) on the sofas putting the world to rights. Sunday was back to normal(ish) with preaching teams in the evening (Geoff’s turn at St Mary’s Shirehampton). He was very good.

So, that was the edited version of the weekend. The full version is available in person.

Today is back to normal. I have some chores to do, a lot of reading to get through and the next edition of Wholly Trinity to publish. So, I’d best be off.

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November 26, 2007 at 10:46 am


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I really haven’t blogged since Sunday. It is, as Steve points out a record…but I just haven’t had a spare moment. I had an essay to write on Monday which spilled into Tues so I had to juggle that with lectures, college stuff and seeing Mark and Eva (I have to say I have spent approx 3hrs this week with my family – which is shocking) – I had an ethics lecture on Tues evening so missed Spooks (which I caught up on last night at 11pm and was terrible so if you haven’t seen it don’t waste an hour of your precious life doing so); then Wednesday I was at college all day and as it was Federation Communion in the evening I was out again until 9.30pm. Now, I am not telling you this to exact your pity but to explain my blogging absence. I love what I am doing, yes I get sad when I don’t see Eva and Mark and tired when I don’t get to sit down and read Heat magazine and doze with the TV on but I love being at Trinity, being in community, deepening my relationship with God and learning about theology. It is an opportunity that I’m very grateful for. So, when I woke up this morning and magically I am 40 years old I know that I am extremely blessed.

I can’t believe I am 40 today though. But, if I needed proof it came in the shape of a giant pink heart shaped cake that Jen in the Trinity kitchen made for me (pictures to come). I shared the cake with everyone at coffee this morning then started sneezing…and haven’t stopped. So, I have come home for antihistamine and a rest. Back in for tea and a lecture tonight though. Mum is on her way and I have heat magazine to read.

I promise not to leave you alone in the virtual world for so long again. Much love and blessings dear reader. xxx

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November 22, 2007 at 1:05 pm

end of the weekend

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It is nearly over and I really need more of it. I have had a great lazy weekend – just seeing people and chilling out. I didn’t even get the hoover out or do any baking. I mostly read some books (I know I shouldn’t have but I really need to keep on top of Trinity college reading and even though I promised myself I wouldn’t I gave in today and read some stuff about preaching in a postmodern context – It was quite interesting really and I am quite pleased that I got into it. Now I can almost definitely write an essay tomorrow) and slept (had 2 lie in’s this weekend). We went over to some friends for lunch yesterday and today we had people over for afternoon tea. So, a chilled out social kind of weekend. Just dinner, Strictly Come Dancing and Foundation to do before bed. The back to college tomorrow. Can’t believe this was my last weekend being 30(odd). I am nearly ready to be 40…but not quite.

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November 18, 2007 at 5:44 pm

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