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As the half term break rushed toward me I found myself very busy. Very busy indeed. So,dear reader I must update you with some of the details. I was on survival mode at college last week. Just trying to get over ‘the lump’ – I can report that it has gone down quite a lot and when I saw the doctor on Friday he didn’t look as worried but did still want to see me again next week. That’s ok, I have to say it really has gone done quite a a lot and my arm isn’t as tingly – so that’s good. I am going to try to do some resting this half term. Not quite sure when but I plan to have at least one lie-in and a few early nights.

My plan to cut down on worrying about stuff was thwarted by some irritating news from The University of Liverpool – the powers that be have decided that despite negotiations with my supervisor her decision to allow me to be registered there as well as at Bristol Uni now has to be reversed. So, I have been suspended! It isn’t as bad as it sounds and in fact will mean I have more time before I submit but nevertheless it is very stressful. My supervisor and I have spent a lot of time over the weekend putting a good spin on this and have rationalised the situation but on Friday I was gutted and very very angry (It would have been useful if they has spotted this earlier and reversed the decision in a more generous way – an email informing me of the decision was not the best way to find out – but, hey ho!).
I had a few Trinity friends over on Friday night which was the best way to take my mind off it. We had a great time. I felt very relaxed and chilled. A good start to the holidays.

Since then I have (amongst other things) been to an internment of ashes of a much loved parishioner at St Peter’s Lawrence Western, taken Eva to dancing at the Rock, been to tea with Jenny Low (Vicar at Lawrence Western), and watched Strictly Come Dancing with Eva – our favourites are Alesha Dixon and Matthew Cutler. Their jive was fantastic – Here it is:

I went to church this morning and my Mum arrived shortly after we got back. She is here for a few days – and I won’t lose her! She is downstairs having a little sleep on the sofa, Mark is Making Sunday dinner and Eva and Elise are playing nicely (I think they are skipping). So, all is well. I hope we can get a break from stuff and just get on with being a family over the ext few days. I really feel like we need some time out. If you get a moment and could pop us in your prayers that would very much appreciated.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the music that has captivated us in the lest few weeks. The Lovely, if not a bit odd, Roisin Murphy’s new album is a triumph. She never fails to impress.


We have been enjoying the Radiohead Album, In Rainbows – which we paid £3 for (This is not enough because it is very good) This is a track, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, to listen to – no video.

Kate Nash – Mouthwash. As Bridget Shepherd points out, proves that the themes of Psalm 139 are alive and kicking in popular culture. Loving it.

That’s it for mow. Lets get on with it. xxx


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October 21, 2007 at 3:41 pm

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