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i thought I’d lost my mum

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It has been a bit of a full on emotional roller-coaster of a weekend. I have an abscess on my neck which is now so big it is pressing on a nerve and sending tingles down my arm and up my face and head. I am taking antibiotics but they are grim and I just want to crawl into hole in the ground until it gets better. But unfortunately that wasn’t possible because I had my first preach this morning at Christ the King, Bradley Stoke. I have to say I did feel a bit self conscious with my abscess but hey ho. The most amazing thing was that despite my nerves and the fear it was ok. I felt very close to God and very loved. I have no idea if I am going to be any good at preaching – at the moment I would say the jury is out on that one – but I dislike it less this evening than I did last night.

Anyway, as well as the abscess and the preach I also had the stress of think I had lost my mum – by which I mean I couldn’t find her. Since my Dad died she and I phone each other nearly every day and I thought we knew each others movements. However, this week I spoke to her on Monday but despite my calling her each night she didn’t call me back. I was beginning to worry so called my brother who didn’t where she might be. So, I called my Auntie Susan who believe me knows everything that is going on everywhere. For some reason my mother’s whereabouts alluded also her. So, we sent out search parties. Aunties Susan went over to her flat and broke in using the (not so) secret key. Eventually she found a neighbour who told her that my mum had gone for a sewing holiday week! I have absolutely no recollection of my mother telling me about this sewing holiday…but I do have a nasty infection so she may have informed me during a fever and I forgot (but I really don’t think that is what happened). Oh how the tables have turned. Not long ago my mother would chastise me for not letting her know where I was. Now it’s me who is the nag. But seeing as she had a minor heart attack just over a month ago I think it is perfectly reasonable for me to be a bit anxious. Suddenly Virginia Water seemed a long way from Bristol…how much further it is from Liverpool – It has made me think about how to plan Mum into our move back. It needs careful thought and prayer.


Written by ellenloudon

October 14, 2007 at 9:08 pm

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