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This weekend is St Peter’s, Lawrence Western harvest supper (which was tonight) and Harvest Sunday service (tomorrow). Many Trinity people have gone to the New Forest for the Trinity College weekend away but I thought I should stay here to help with St Peter’s stuff. I am very pleased I did because I have met some really amazing people today who are doing volunteer work at the Rock (the community centre that is next to the church). I was very impressed with the amount of work they put in to doing events for the older people in Lawrence Western – particularly providing lunches and special dinners such as today’s harvest supper. Though I am not sure it would be appreciated by anyone outside their age group it was great to see them having such a good time together. This is one of the biggest issues for the church community there – the people who go have known each other for 40-50 years, they are a tight group, they have particular ways of doing things – how will new people fit into this? How will new things happen? How will younger people or families fit into their patterns? Anyway, I am not full up with quiche, potatoes and ham as well as apple pie and chocolate swiss roll. So, I am happy enough. But cakes and chitter chatter doesn’t appeal to everyone.

I have put Eva to bed and am thinking about going to my bed myself. Mark is away in Wales with Lisa and Aide – they have been up a mountain! Elise is off out with her new boyfriend – Wayne. So, I don’t have to be awake to talk to anyone. I have to be up for church at 9.30am so I should really get an early night to my body feels like it has had a lie in. I have the paper to read and a chapter in the Lawrence Western local history book to finish. So, that’ll send me off nicely.

If you don’t know who to give your harvest offering to this year can I suggest Farm Africa. FARM-Africa is an international non-governmental organisation that aims to reduce poverty in eastern and South Africa. They work in partnership with marginal farmers and herders, helping them to manage their natural resources more effectively and build sustainable livelihoods on their land.


Written by ellenloudon

October 6, 2007 at 7:56 pm

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