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I have and a few very busy days in Liverpool sorting stuff out, meeting people and trying to not get too homesick. We got here on Sunday and decided to stay with Andrea because Paula has very kindly given us her flat. Monday was spent with Sara talking about my PhD. I think we sorted a few things out and although there is still lots of work to do on the draft we agreed that I was in a good position to submit ahead of the new revised schedule. Monday evening we had a great dinner at Bob and Sue’s house and Andy Del’ came over so it was good to see all of them and have a chat. Today I have been to Everton to check out some stuff about the curacy and go to a few community meetings. I also checked out a school for Eva – it is very promising. Tomorrow we are all going back and Eva can meet her potential new teacher. I am at Matt and Kate’s house now – the kids have got back from trampolining and I hope Eva is worn out and can get an early night. I don’t know what we are going to do next. Food, chat and bed I suspect. Mark is at a dress rehearsal for the lantern festival so I need to find him and probably get him warmed up and dried out. It is all go here I tell you.

I might well not get to blog until Thursday…hope you can wait till then for more news?


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October 30, 2007 at 7:03 pm

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the weekend

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Mark is feeling really rubbish and I am at the end of my energy levels. I can’t believe we are feeling so knackered. Most of our recent arguments have been about who is going to say in bed longest and who is or isn’t taking up the slack. Both too preoccupied and in survival mode to really take the other’s burdens. So, getting to Saturday afternoon without some major bust up feels like medals need to be awarded.

Yesterday Eva and I went to the zoo with Andy Dix and Bill (his 18month old boy). We had a great time…I loved the penguins and the hippo’s and we saw the seals being fed. You really could spend hours in the zoo just staring at the caged animals. When you go with a different person you get a whole new perspective on it. This time we spent a lot longer in the reptile house and aquarium. Eva was fantastic with Bill an they had a great time inspecting the animals and giggling at stuff that was almost impossible to find funny (but it somehow was). Eva is great with smaller children, she is so patient and kind, and finds them very amusing.

The thing I hate most about the zoo is that you can’t leave without going through the gift shop. This half-term has cost me a fortune – partly because my will to say no to Eva’s demands has been so low but also because I am constantly faced with toys, sweets and tat everywhere I go and it is made very difficult for me to say no. Anyway, I got away with buying some butterflies made of plastic (£1.50) so it wasn’t too bad. they really sell some rubbish as well. Loads of nasty plastic stuff. hey ho.

Last night I went out with Jenny Low to a Fresh Expression – The Lighthouse in Hartcliffe, Bristol. It was very interesting to see how this group spends time together and talk about their faith. They meet once a week and share a meal they might watch a video or share stories. I really enjoyed spending time with them and hearing about the group and their individual concerns.

Today I took Eva to dancing then popped over to the New Place to a table top sale – Eva was give £5 and she spent the lot on a bag, make-up, small toys and jewellery. Mark and I had cheese and ham toasties and chatted to Emma, Charity and Tara. We then went on to the Shirehampton craft fare because I said I would have a look at some work that a woman from church had submitted. It was one too may chores for me today and I got very upset about a car pulling out in front of me. Just all a bit too much. So here I am back at home trying to explain why things aren’t going as well as they might but not really finding any solutions. I guess I give these things to God, try my best not to let it spill over into my relationships with others and try to undo whatever it may be that is underlying all this anxiety.

Tomorrow we are off to Liverpool for a few days. Perhaps the break away from Bristol will do me good. Get a perspective on all this and shift it on. I hope so.

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October 27, 2007 at 2:44 pm

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A day of chores. Went to the dump with plastic bottles, printer cartridge, some clothes and a lightbulb – all for recycling. Felt so good about myself that Eva and I went to Westbury-on Trym to eat toasted teacakes (it is becoming an obsession of ours to find the perfect teacakes and there is a great cafe in Westbury that sells very big ones that they cook in a muffin press and they serve them with big portions of butter which you are allowed to spread yourself. The tea is very good as well, it is made with tea leaves which are brewed in a special cup and you are given a 3 minute timer so it brewed to perfection; but Eva has tap water). We also went to explore the charity shops – I got 2 books and a pot (for potpori), Eva got a spinning top and a pair of jeans.

We then went to Cribs to look at macbooks in John Lewis. am thinking of getting one and they do 2 year warranties on electrical products as standard so it was worth looking. the jury is still out on the whole project. I am scared to spend the money even though I have saved up and my Mum says she’ll help me out (as a 40th birthday pressie). Now the leopard opertating system has come out (actually it is launched tomorrow) I think I might wait just a bit longer and see what happens (3 weeks might do it – just in time for my birthday).

Having got Mark (who has got a nasty cold) from work at 3pm we went to Sainsburys for supplies, came home read magazines and chilled out. I ate too much popcorn and watched TV. Mark retired to bed early with his sore head. I think I might try to do some college work tomorrow but I might have to wait and see how Mark feels – if he is to ill the is no point in me leaving him on his own with Eva.

So, that’s another holiday day done. I am starting to relax but it is nearly over. We are off to Liverpool on Sunday for a few days. Sort some things out: see Sara about my PhD draft (might call it my daft PhD now!), see a school for Eva, me go to visit the curacy parish and go to the lantern carnival. I just hope I don’t get Mark’s cold.

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October 25, 2007 at 9:43 pm

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mark went to London today at 6.30am – I know that he left because when he turned on the car (is that what you say….no you say started the car don’t you!) he had left the stereo on so loud when he last drove it that it actually woke me up – I was asleep in the bedroom in the attic – he is such a ghetto boy, listening to techno at full pelt waking the street at 6.30am. The shame. I tried to roll over and go back to sleep but it just wouldn’t happen. So, that blew the lie in! I had breakie in bed, read my bible (trying to make it though Acts before college starts again), read a Grove Booklet on Preaching as Dialogue then Eva came in to ask for breakfast at 8am. So, that was the day started.

having read a bit more, fallen asleep again for 1/2 hour and realised Eva was watching some really rubbish Bratz film I decided we needed a project – so we spring cleaned the house. We had a great time and it was good having someone small to get to do all the nooks and crannies below knee height. She was a great help. having got the whole house done in record time we ahd lunch then Liz H came round to chew the cud. We chewed for quite a while then went out to the co-op for tea cakes, came back ate tea cakes and chewed more cud. I made pork stew for dinner while Liz was here. After Liz went (around 6.15pm) I made Eva tea, hung he washing out and then played on facebook for a while. Mark came back, we ate tea, watched some tv, Eva went to bed and then I realised that I was shattered so here I am writing stuff then getting ready for my bed. I really need to get a good night’s sleep and wake up to go to the zoo tomorrow. I also need to but some sort of bowl for potpori (that’s very interesting isn’t it) and I shall probably make some cakes for the One25.

So, that’s my day…what have you been doing?

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October 24, 2007 at 8:19 pm

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Does God Play Football

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Adrian Jones sent me a link to this film Directed by Michael Walker. If you haven’t seen it you really should take a look. It is only 10mins long and is great. The Britfilms info on it says:

Set in and around a small Yorkshire village in the middle sixties. Tommy is a seven year old boy from a single parent home and as a result finds both himself and his mother alienated from those around them. In a bid to compensate Tommy has filled in the emotional gaps in his life by believing that God is his dad and therefore he must be like Jesus Christ, which is of course why they are treated differently to everyone else.

Anyway, if you want to take a look go to Britfilms – you need to scroll down to the bottom and choose your viewing format.

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October 23, 2007 at 6:34 pm

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not busy

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Today has been quite restful. Apart from the on-going irritation about the suspension from Uni of Liverpool I am doing ok. Had a great lie in this morning while Mum and Eva played Uno and watched TV. After lunch we went to Tyntesfield House. This is a National Trust property which was purchased by the trust in 2002. It was a great afternoon, I can recommend it especially if you like late nineteenth century gothic interiors.

I made a giant lasagne for tea because we have a house full – Joe has come over from Bath, Elise brought her boyfriend Wayne over and Mark was very hungry. We had garlic bread which was just fantastic. Garlic bread has to be one of the most tasty things in the whole world. We watched TV then I gave up – I am starting to relax and when that happens all I want t do is sleep…so having done a few chores I am not off to my bed. Before I go I must just tell you about Mark and I’s James Blunt moment. We don’t really know what to do with our feelings about him any more, it was so easy before, but they have been compromised by this:

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October 22, 2007 at 9:37 pm

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As the half term break rushed toward me I found myself very busy. Very busy indeed. So,dear reader I must update you with some of the details. I was on survival mode at college last week. Just trying to get over ‘the lump’ – I can report that it has gone down quite a lot and when I saw the doctor on Friday he didn’t look as worried but did still want to see me again next week. That’s ok, I have to say it really has gone done quite a a lot and my arm isn’t as tingly – so that’s good. I am going to try to do some resting this half term. Not quite sure when but I plan to have at least one lie-in and a few early nights.

My plan to cut down on worrying about stuff was thwarted by some irritating news from The University of Liverpool – the powers that be have decided that despite negotiations with my supervisor her decision to allow me to be registered there as well as at Bristol Uni now has to be reversed. So, I have been suspended! It isn’t as bad as it sounds and in fact will mean I have more time before I submit but nevertheless it is very stressful. My supervisor and I have spent a lot of time over the weekend putting a good spin on this and have rationalised the situation but on Friday I was gutted and very very angry (It would have been useful if they has spotted this earlier and reversed the decision in a more generous way – an email informing me of the decision was not the best way to find out – but, hey ho!).
I had a few Trinity friends over on Friday night which was the best way to take my mind off it. We had a great time. I felt very relaxed and chilled. A good start to the holidays.

Since then I have (amongst other things) been to an internment of ashes of a much loved parishioner at St Peter’s Lawrence Western, taken Eva to dancing at the Rock, been to tea with Jenny Low (Vicar at Lawrence Western), and watched Strictly Come Dancing with Eva – our favourites are Alesha Dixon and Matthew Cutler. Their jive was fantastic – Here it is:

I went to church this morning and my Mum arrived shortly after we got back. She is here for a few days – and I won’t lose her! She is downstairs having a little sleep on the sofa, Mark is Making Sunday dinner and Eva and Elise are playing nicely (I think they are skipping). So, all is well. I hope we can get a break from stuff and just get on with being a family over the ext few days. I really feel like we need some time out. If you get a moment and could pop us in your prayers that would very much appreciated.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the music that has captivated us in the lest few weeks. The Lovely, if not a bit odd, Roisin Murphy’s new album is a triumph. She never fails to impress.


We have been enjoying the Radiohead Album, In Rainbows – which we paid £3 for (This is not enough because it is very good) This is a track, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, to listen to – no video.

Kate Nash – Mouthwash. As Bridget Shepherd points out, proves that the themes of Psalm 139 are alive and kicking in popular culture. Loving it.

That’s it for mow. Lets get on with it. xxx

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October 21, 2007 at 3:41 pm

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