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I have had to let some stuff go. If I carry on doing as much, worrying about all the things I have been worried about I am going to go off pop. It has been very difficult to make decisions about what to stop doing, what not to take on and which of the things I am doing to be able to sink my energies into. This year I have to get on with my academic work in order for it to emerge as a reasonable portfolio of work, I must do some more practical and pastoral theology and spend time in a parish (not just going to church but actually spending time seeing how it all ticks over week-by-week). I also have to do more preaching – no matter how I feel about this it is something that has to be done (I am not sure about why the traditional preaching format still exists, who is it serving, who is actually listening and it is the best way to communicate the Gospel? Hey ho). I also have to fit in the last bits of the PhD discipline and prepare for going back to Liverpool. So, how am I going to get the balance? How do I decide where I am needed? How do I get the balance of what I feel I need and what I have to do?

I guess this is what I am having to sort out just now. Some list making and praying is in order…


Written by ellenloudon

September 26, 2007 at 1:45 pm

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