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I got up early this morning to to stuff. I had to be at St Peter’s church Lawrence Western to do some flower arranging after the Wednesday morning communion so I decided to go to that first. I got there very early so went for a cup of tea in a cafe that had a big sign above the door that said – ‘Dysons – British and Proud of it!’. I wanted to know why the owner felt so strongly about his national identity that he decided to call his shop this. So I had a cup of tea and a chat. Now what went on between me and the shop owner will remain between the two of us but suffice to say debate raged for most of the morning about the pros and cons of making such identity statements. I spoke to the ladies who were doing the flowers about it, the people at the community centre joined in and the vicar had a very clear perspective.

I have been reading quite a lot about identity, nationhood and faith recently and am very interested to hear about how people articulate this particularly in terms of their theology. Many of the people I spoke to today about the shop made very close links between what they believed, their sense of nationhood and how they related to God. For good or bad these things seem inextricably linked in many peoples lives. What I think about that shop sign is not really important (though I am not afraid to say it does make me feel a little uncomfortable particularly as there is a Chinese chip shop next door and a Polish baker a few doors further down. I wonder how they feel about it?). Though I have enjoyed hearing people’s stories – I learnt a lot about the area, their experienced of the war and aftermath, how the community has changed.

I spent the morning doing a number of flower arrangements – I was trusted with a big display which I think was ok – I will see tomorrow when I go back for the service because I am sure it will have been altered if it was a real mess. I also did a couple of vases and a small display. I enjoyed the time we spent together and appreciated their honesty.

I had lunch with Elise which was great though I still feel quite sicky. I can’t seem to settle my stomach. I have to go to PCWorld in a moment (Oh joy!) then I think I might have an early night. I have a big day tomorrow as Trinity are organising a Big Bible day (a chance to consider the whole bible) so I think I might be busy!!!


Written by ellenloudon

September 12, 2007 at 4:13 pm

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  1. Big Bible day? I do hope they’re showing the video 😉

    John H

    September 12, 2007 at 5:05 pm

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