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We have had a busy weekend. Yesterday was this years English Heritage Open Day
so we went to Arnos Vale Cemeterywhich was being opened by the Friends of Arnos Vale
who has organised guided tours, tea, cake and parking. It is a fascinating place, you really get a feel for how the Victorians ‘did death’.

This picture can be found on the Friends of Arnos Vale Cemetery website – they were part of the campaign to save the cemetery from re-developers.

Joe and Harriet came over and we had a great evening with them – though Joe was a little hungover. We haven’t seen Elise since Thursday, which is a bit sad. I guess she has new friends now and we are just too boring. At least she has settled in and has got a social life sorted. Just a shame that we don’t see her very much any more.

Today Mark ran the Bristol Half marathon. I am so proud of him. I saw him cross the finish line and a little tear came out. I am made up that he has achieved this. He is very pleased with himself. He can hardly walk but he is like the cat that got the cream.

A great deal of pirating activity has been happening on this blog in the last week. I suspect it is some sort of avoidance behaviour – I have had a tricky summer with so many things happening and so much work to get done. I think I have been avoiding thinking about the impact of all that has happened. Today I got a bit of space to reflect on it and I think I need a bit more time on it. Even though I have had a few great adventures I am feeling a bit isolated, a bit ‘in my head’ and quite exhausted. As the last week of the holidays approaches I realise I have not had a real break from my PhD or Bristol, neither have I had time to properly reflect on all that has gone on this summer. Not that all these things have been difficult it is just that they have been quite full on and I think they need a bit of digestion:
– The time spent in hospital and the subsequent recovery
– Not getting to do my church placement (so still having that to do)
– Getting my curacy sorted
– Eva being away such a lot and my Mum not being well
– Greenbelt
– Elise coming to live with us
– Writing a PhD
– thinking about moving back to Liverpool and leaving the things that I have been part of in Bristol behind (Foundation, Eva’s school, Trinity, this house, friends, the culture here, etc) . Unlike our move here I don’t think I will be back to live Bristol so it is important to make the most of the time left here.

When see it all written down here I realise why I am so knackered. If I don’t porcess my feelings about things I just get all blocked up. I do have some more work to do but I think I need to chill a bit more next week. Not take so much on and let myself off the hook when I ‘can’t be bothered’. When I have processed all this I will feel like Mark feels having run the marathon!!!!


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September 9, 2007 at 4:54 pm

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