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I am trying to get the most out of what is left of the summer holidays…it is slipping away like an over excited eel. I will spend today prodding my PhD, tomorrow I am visiting Liz H to have ago at puling together an edition of Wholly Trinity – my new college job is co-editing (Liz is, I am grateful to say, is the other editor and I have roped in a number of ‘hacks’ to provide copy). I have been too busy to do much about it but we feel reasonably confident that we can pull something together.

I would quite like to go away to chill out before I go back to college…I was thinking something meditative but then thought a spar day might be good (you get to chill out, meditate and get away but has the added advantage of getting hot and cold, wet and dry etc etc. You also get to wear a fluffy white dressing gown. I could do with some advice about spars and short books to read at spars.

Eva has gone back to school today (slight hiccup yesterday – the school website said it started yesterday but when Mark and Eva got there the school was shut!). I ended up taking Eva to the SS Great Britain and on a ferry trip. We had a great time. If you haven’t been to see the SS Great Britain you really must. It is a great exhibition. I got a pirate scarf, Eva got a ship in a bottle (which she managed to smash on the cafe floor! But they gave her another one because she looked to gutted…).


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September 4, 2007 at 10:47 am

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