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Tonight Tim and I did some work on the artefacts for the Foundation Greenbelt service – in New Forms, 8pm Friday (put it in your day planner). I also made a fruit cake for Greenbelt – so it will have at least a week to ‘mature’. It was a new recipe so it was a risk, but I think it has worked out very well. It smells lovely and is laced with rum so will have a good kick. You’ll have to come a visit us to get a piece – it one of three cakes I plan to make for Greenbelt.

I took the liberty of checking out the weather forecast for Greenbelt weekend and all looks good at the moment. It got me thinking about how we should pray about such things. What do you think? Should we pray for good weather? Do these sorts of prayers feel like folk religion? When some people are suffering extreme weather conditions do our prayers for nice weather so we can have better fun seem a bit crass? or do you think it is a natural thing to take our concerns to God in a faithful and innocent way? I don’t really know…I worry about bothering God about the weather but I am ok about asking for God’s help in dealing with whatever happens. Of course it would be great (really great) if it was a fine weekend but I wonder if God can really ‘fix it for us’. Not sure that I like the idea of a Jim’ll fix it God!


Written by ellenloudon

August 16, 2007 at 9:46 pm

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