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sleeping in a yurt

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The very Yurts in which we will sleep tonight!!!

We are off on our summer jolly today. Elise is in charge at Bristol HQ. We are going, with 15 other people, to Cirencester to an organic farm camping in yurts. We are staying at an organic farm so there will be loads of lovely food and hippy stuff to do. We will have with us assorted children aged 2-18 so we will be quite busy entertaining and going on mini adventures. We have plenty of white wine and nibbles, sun cream (we are optimistic) and peanut butter (for some reason I crave peanut butter when camping). Everything is set up for us so all we need to do is move our bedding in and make a cup of tea.

As this my only jolly (unless you count Greenbelt – but I am working there so perhaps not) I am determined not to think about music hall. We are off to Liverpool again at the weekend so it is all go. Back to fox base alpha on monday.


Written by ellenloudon

July 30, 2007 at 10:12 am

Posted in family, friends, fun

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