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elise’s birthday

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Look at these two lovely girls.

I have been feeling really exhausted this week and have found it hard to muster up energy for anything. But, it is Elise’s 21st birthday today and I have to be on it. It is interesting that such occasions take on an energy of their own. Like a whirlwind – as you get sucked in you forget that you have a will. I have been making mistakes which is always a sign of being tired and/or slightly out of control:
I have forgotten to book babysitters for Sat and next Wed
I left the headlights on and the battery went – now I can’t get the radio to work because my mum can’t remember the code
I didn’t put washing power in the washing machine and had to do the whole thing again
I have forgotten to get the stitches taken out from my wound – now it is going to be more painful and irritating – going tomorrow to see the nurse!

So, after Elise’s birthday I am going to try to get some rest, some time to myself and generally not get so caught up in it all.

Tonight we are off to La Tasca for a meal and I think Elise and Claire are off into town. I can assure you I am going home for an early night. Stitches out tomorrow!!!!


Written by ellenloudon

July 5, 2007 at 4:04 pm

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