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sleeping in a yurt

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The very Yurts in which we will sleep tonight!!!

We are off on our summer jolly today. Elise is in charge at Bristol HQ. We are going, with 15 other people, to Cirencester to an organic farm camping in yurts. We are staying at an organic farm so there will be loads of lovely food and hippy stuff to do. We will have with us assorted children aged 2-18 so we will be quite busy entertaining and going on mini adventures. We have plenty of white wine and nibbles, sun cream (we are optimistic) and peanut butter (for some reason I crave peanut butter when camping). Everything is set up for us so all we need to do is move our bedding in and make a cup of tea.

As this my only jolly (unless you count Greenbelt – but I am working there so perhaps not) I am determined not to think about music hall. We are off to Liverpool again at the weekend so it is all go. Back to fox base alpha on monday.


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July 30, 2007 at 10:12 am

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mark’s 1/2 marathon

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This is a picture of Mark saving Claire Caddick and I from the rain after I left the lights on in my mum’s car and the battery went. He came out and gave us a jump start. He is my hero.

Mark is very serious about the 1/2 marathon. He is now in training and has a chart on the wall that tells him what to eat, when to run, when to train, etc. I am very impressed by his morning sit ups and healthy eating. Anyway, if you would like to sponsor him he has set up a handy webpage for you – Bristol Half Marathon – Sponsor Me.

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July 28, 2007 at 4:58 pm

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eva back, elise away

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This picture was taken on a recent trip to Weston-super-mare (it was sunny and windy at the same time).

Because I have this PhD to write my mum has kindly agreed to have Eva most weeks this summer so I can get on with writing. I am trying hard to keep weekdays as flexible workdays – there are three sessions in a day (morning, afternoon, evening) I am allowed one session off a day to do something else. So far I have been quite disciplined though to be honest I am finding that I am working late most evenings – this seems to be my most creative time. Eva is back for the weekend. She has gone out to play on her scooter with her friend Shinola who lives across the road.

It is really odd not having Eva about in the week – I don’t like it. But I know her being with my mum is far better that a holiday club or childcare (not that we could afford it). I just hope that this PhD makes sense soon. I have to keep telling myself that it will be worth all this effort.

Elise is in Liverpool, she is going to see the Arctic Monkeys at Lancashire’s Old Trafford cricket ground tonight. Loads of Liverpool friends are going. I have a little pang of jealousy about it. But, it is only a little pang. I would rather be here with Eva and Mark. There is too much going on anyway for me to feel comfortable with going off to a giant gig (I am getting old!!!!) this weekend.

Well, Eva, Mark and I are all off camping next week. I need a bit of time away from this laptop and music hall. Elise, who has to work, is in charge at home. I will blog about it before we go. Today I am collecting and buying assorted camping stuff.

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July 28, 2007 at 11:31 am

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music hall website # 1

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One of things I am looking at with my PhD is the way in which emotional memory has affected the way we speak about popular performance. That is, how the way we feel (or think we feel) about the popular of the past impacts on the the popular present. I am spending time investigating how people write and talk about music hall – how this fits into their identity and the way they think about the world. So, I am taking into account the views of music hall fans and biographers,as well as incorporating anecdote and speculation into my academic thesis. So, here is an example of the sort of website I am looking at – it is The Music Hall and Theatre Site – Dedicated to Arthur Lloyd 1839 – 1904. kept by his Great Grandson Matthew Lloyd who has built up a fantastic archive of material about Arthur Lloyd, the theatres he worked in and the stories that surround his life and work. There are many sites that focus on this sort of family music hall history. They are concerned with keeping memories alive, dealing with nostalgia and myth making. It is great stuff and really exciting to explore. Anyway, if you get a moment do have a browse round the Arthur Lloyd site.

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July 25, 2007 at 9:16 am

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bristol half marathon

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Don’t be alarmed I am not going to run the Bristol half marathon on . Never will that happen. I am built for comfort not speed. Mark on the other hand is honing a finely tuned running body and is going to attempt it. I am so impressed and really pleased for him. Since we arrived in Bristol Mark has been determined to get fit and this really is the proof.

The event takes place on Sunday 9 September 2007 so Mark is stepping up his training regime. He is going to run for a charity called Motivation , their website describes their work:
Motivation is an international disability and development charity working in low-income countries to enhance the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities. Our programmes aim to improve opportunities by positively impacting on disabled people’s physical, social and economic situation to enable their full participation in society.

Mobility is an essential human right that enables people to achieve inclusion in all aspects of life. Motivation works in partnership with a range of organisations – from grassroots disability groups to national governments and international actors – to ensure that local people and organisations have the skills to meet the needs of disabled people in their communities and to affect positive lasting change.

He needs sponsors and support so please do contact him if you can spare some money. Also, if you would like to run give him a shout because the charity still has places. I will be going to provide moral support and after run cakes so do let me know if you woud like to join me as a spectator.

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July 24, 2007 at 9:33 am

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i don’t like carrying things

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I am back from Liverpool. It was an eventful weekend. Also, very encouraging. It was great to get back and be reminded about what I am being trained for. Sometimes I feel a bit disconnected from the bigger picture. It is easy to get caught up in things in Bristol and lose touch with what I am here for. Anyway, meeting new people and catching up with old friends helped to reconnect with the vision.

The weekend wasn’t without it’s dramas. Andrea was off to Malawi with Sahir House and I wanted to spend some time with her before she went. We had a lovely time just chatting and chilling as well as getting ready for her to go. I couldn’t believe it when she called to tell me she hadn’t got on the plane…her passport had gone missing. 24hrs later it was found in her parents porch! Thankfully the airline was good enough to honour her original ticket and put her on standby for another flight out. I haven’t heard from her so I am assuming she has got there.

I went into town on Saturday to meet Phil J but it was raining so much and Eva was distracted so our browsing was limited and it was only a brief meeting. It doesn’t feel like nearly a year since we last spent time together but it really is that long. I hope he will come down sometime in the summer. The spell in town made me realise how much I hate carrying things. Walking up Bold Street with bags of Eva’s stuff made me fell weak and feeble. I hate the heaviness of carrying things. I hate the plastic handles on bags. I get very grumpy if I have to carry stuff – even a handbag! I have had to carry a lot of stuff this weekend. We moved from Andrea’s to Claire’s and I had to carry stuff in and out and up and down. I also had to carry Eva’s stuff to Maddie’s. I am really moaning about carrying aren’t I?!

Anyway, it was a good meeting with Sara re: my PhD. Though loads of work to do. Also good to speak to David about plans for the future. Seeing Claire in her new house was great. Really good place to live and she is very happy and sorted there. We also got to have afternoon tea with Andy Del and bumped into Bob and Sue in town. Obviously, due to being so pushed for time didn’t get to see everyone but think we will be up again very soon so perhaps catch up with more people then.

It is Eva’s birthday today and after unwrapping even more presents Mark has taken her to my mum’s for a few days so we can work. I miss her already. Really miss her. The quicker I get this writing done the quicker we can have a holiday.

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July 23, 2007 at 2:18 pm

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Eva and I are off to Liverpool for the weekend. Mark and Elise are going to be in Bristol working so it’s just us. I am going to meet Sara Cohen my PhD supervisor and David Parry the DDO. I am also going to catch up with a few people. Though I have t say it will be a bit cocker with meetings etc so I might not get to see as many people as I would like. Might be a general ‘I’ll be on Lark Lane at ….’. If that happens I will let you know.

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July 19, 2007 at 12:22 pm

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