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…is the winner! Had to be really didn’t it? Although I loved his performance yesterday I a still fascinated by this first audition footage. The surprise on the judges faces, the reaction of the audience, his unassuming reaction – classic variety TV.

We had a great afternoon yesterday a our BBQ. A good mix of people: some Foundation people – some with some without children; Some Trinity people; some others (more tricky to classify). The only problem was my hayfever. Blimey, I haven’t sneezed so much in years. Living in the country is a nightmare – and Coombe Dingle really isn’t the country though it isn’t the inner city like Smithdown Road. The problem is that everyone cuts their lawn, trims their hedge and messes around in their garden on Sunday here. So, I have to make sure I take my antihistamines early. yesterday I forgot to do that and by 9am I was sneezing for England. It really was very bad.

That apart I had a great day. Topped off by Paul Potts victory – all is very well.


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June 18, 2007 at 9:03 am

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