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little tich

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I am at home. Came home last night and all is well. If you want details you might have to ask me in person.

Anyway, the last of my music hall performances (for now). This is Little Tich. He features heavily in my phd. He is a favourite of mine.


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June 29, 2007 at 11:40 am

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my profile

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I had a go at this today – thanks to Dream Blog for the link. Anyway, I was shocked to find out what my celebrity profile was…imagine looking 96% like Angelina Jolie? Well, I do…so there!


by the way, if you haven’t guessed already, I am not doing very much work today. Bit nervous about tomorrow and have a friend visiting.

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June 27, 2007 at 1:44 pm

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lily morris # 2

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I realised that I won’t be able to post stuff for a few days because I am off into hospital tomorrow. So here is some background information on Lily Morris. Don’t forget to watch the video as well. It is a cracker…

Lily Morris
was born in London in 1884, her career began at the age of 10 when she appeared in Pantomime at Drury Lane, and she then went on to tour with Moss Empires as a ‘juvenile’. She is described in the British Music Hall: An Illustrated Who’s Who, 1850 – Present Day as ‘a chorus singer with a big voice and a personality to match’ . She had a number of hits with including In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree, Don’t Have any More Mrs Moore, and the one recorded here Why am I Always the Bridesmaid ‘which took her to the top of the bill and to the Royal Variety Performance in 1927’ . Lily Morris died in 1952.

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June 27, 2007 at 9:30 am

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Lily Morris

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This is another one of the acts I am working on at the moment. I will give you some background information tomorrow…for now just sit back and enjoy the show.


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June 27, 2007 at 8:35 am

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the one that got away

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John H commented on this playbill then I swapped it for the other one. So, here it is re-posted all on it’s own.


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June 25, 2007 at 4:22 pm

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a night at the Pavilion

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I am starting to work on another phd chapter – one that I have already had a go a and needs some TLC to get it into order. One of the exciting bits of the phd is when I introduce the acts that performed on the Pavilion stage the week beginning 20th April 1908. It is at this point that the phd shifts from an investigation of music hall as a popular performance to how it was manifest in a specific place. My research then looks at music hall performance in the context of local everyday life.

I remember the day I found this music hall bill – I had spent four days trawling through acres of irrelevant primary source material in the Central Library in Liverpool, patiently hoping for a gem…and there it was, in fact this was one of 6 bills I found that day. These became the basis for my phd and have kept my interest for nearly 6years.

I will let the acts speak for themselves.

This is the programme for the week commencing Monday afternoon (Monday being the day that the weekly programme changed), April 20th, 1908. Doors opened at 2.30pm and twice nightly 6.50pm and 9pm during the week. On the bill that week were:

1. Overture: ‘Francis the Radical’
2. Ida Katherina: ‘The Dolly Girl’
3. Austins: Comedy Juggling and Dancing
4. Blanche & Powel: In their High Class Drawing Room Entertainment
5. John G. Brandon & Co. In the Famous American Dramatic Sketch – The Girl & the Tough
6. Steel & Laing (Dora & Dulcie): The Meddling Tramp and the Dancing Maid
7. Kenneth & Kane (Sid & Maud) Comedy Duo: ‘Just a Few Words’
8. Capt. Devereaux: Canine Streets of London. A Drama Illustrated by Dogs Only
9. Luis Hardt ‘The Mighty Atom’ and Original Boy Samson in Flights of Imagination – A New and Original Way of Introducing Feats of Strength
10. Neilson Troupe: of Boys and Girls in a Comedy and Dancing Scena entitled ‘An Improvised Rehearsal’
11. Will Walton: Comedian
12. Sarnthaler Troupe: Lady singers and Dancers, in their Mountain Scena ‘ Ten Minutes in the Tyrol
13. ‘Crazy Quilt’ on the Bioscope
14. Tarro Miyake. The Champion Ju Jitsu Wrestler of Japan

Here we see juggling, dancing, sketches, feats of strength, comedy, even a dog act, to top it all you have the interactive challenge of Tarro Miyake who was prepared to take on any member of the audience.

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June 25, 2007 at 3:33 pm

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gus elen

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I have managed to upload some music hall footage – this is the first one I will share with you here.

It is Gus Elen and this is a performance of It’s a Great Big Shame, words by Edgar Bateman, Music by George LeBrun. It was recorded in a small studio on Water St, London 1932 when he was 70. Elen had been performing this song for over 25years and by this point and was nearing retirement. He would reprise this and other songs for the Royal Variety Performance in 1935. Elen Died on 17 February 1940.



If you’d like to sing along then here are the words:

It’s a Great Big Shame
Words by Edgar Bateman, Music by George LeBrun

I’ve lost my pal, ‘e’s the best in all the tahn,
But don’t you fink ‘im dead, beco’s ‘e ain’t.
But since ‘e’s wed ‘e ‘as ‘ad ter ‘nuckle dahn.
It’s e-nuf-ter wax the temper of a saint!
‘e’s a brewers dray-man, wiv a leg o’ mutton fist,
An’ as strong as a bullick or an ‘orse –
Yet in ‘er ‘ands ‘e’s like a little kid –
Oh! I wish as I could get ‘im a divorce.

It’s a great big shame, an’ if she belong’d ter me
I’d let ‘er know who’s who.
Naggin at a feller wot is six foot free,
And her not four foot two!
Oh! they ‘adn’t been married not a month nor more,
When underneath her fumb goes Jim –
Isn’t it a pity as the likes ov ‘er
Should put upon the likes ov ‘im?

Now Jim was class – ‘e could sing a decent song,
And at scrappin’ ‘e ‘ad won some great renown;
It took two coppers for to make ‘im move along,
And annuver six to ‘old the feller dahn.
But today when I axes would ‘e come an’ ‘ave some beer,
To the door-step on tip toe ‘e arrives;
“I dare-n’t,” says ‘e – “Don’t shout, ‘cos sh’ll ‘ear –
I’ve got ter clean the winders an’ the knives.”


On a Sunday morn, wiv a dozen pals or more,
‘e’d play at pitch an’ toss along the Lea;
But now she bullies ‘im a scrubbin ‘o the floor –
Such a change, – well I never did see.
Wiv apron on ‘im, I twigged ‘im on ‘is knees –
A rubbin’ up the old ‘arf stone;
Wot wiv emptyin’ the ashes and a shellin’ of the peas,
I’m blowed if ‘e can call ‘is self ‘is own!


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June 22, 2007 at 9:47 am

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