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I came home late last night for a day off the mission. It is very odd being back and knowing that there is still so much to do in Hardwicke. We are having a rewarding time. I hope we are being a blessing to the community. I have certainly learnt a lot and have eaten a lot. Everyone is spoiling us and we are having some fantastic food. It is very tiring though. I am shattered already and we still have three more days to go.

I have had a lovely day off- I stayed in bed for too long which meant I had to do chores (making beds and cooking) very quickly before getting Eva from school at 1.30pm. Then we went to John Lewis at Cribs because I had to get a duvet. So exciting isn’t it? We have 10 people staying this weekend and I won’t be here for most of it so I am trying to get everything sorted before I go back to Hardwicke.
The visitor plans are:
Joe and Harriet are coming over for tea and staying tonight
Andrea and Barry are coming down from Liverpool late tonight and are staying until Sunday
Elise is coming down from Liverpool and staying for as long as she likes
Clare from Christ Church, Liverpool and her Family (3 children) are staying over Saturday night on their way to Cornwall
Liz, Alan and Stanley are coming down from North Wales for the day Saturday
Mark’s sister Susie, Gus and Hannah are coming from Belfast Sunday night till Tues

– Just realised that this is more than 10 people! I might need more food and duvets. Hey ho.

I am not here most of the time so Mark is in charge. That’ll be fun. I have a Good Friday craft workshop tomorrow then I am back Friday night and can be here Saturday morning. Then back for Sunday night.

Anyway, I am off to make some beds. Please keep praying for the mission. Ta. xxx


Written by ellenloudon

April 5, 2007 at 4:37 pm

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