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I have had quite a frustrating day:

  • essay writing has been tricky – not getting into it quickly enough and finding more things that I wanted to include. My essay plan is bonkers. Really bonkers – my mind exploded onto a piece of blue paper
  • people – just not getting the vibe today (I include myself in this)
  • food – I was flummoxed by an orange at lunch – couldn’t unpeel it and was visibly disturbed by it – it was noted and commented on by a member of staff
  • emails – apart from the entertaining email exchange with Paul Roberts who is at Synod and was emailing from his debating chair, there were only difficult emails to write. Sometimes I really hate the email because it is a cold and unfriendly way to communicate difficult things. Easy stuff is fine, chatty stuff is great, but serious or potentially politically sensitive stuff is tricky. However, sometimes one has no choice but to return a message – particularly if the other person is offering no other option for communication.
  • no car – I hate not being independent. I find it difficult to be dependent on other people and this week having to ask Mark to run me about has been hard. I know I could walk to college but it is at least a 45 minute walk and I feel really pushed for time and so unfit that I would probably need to rest for most of the day once I got there.
  • food (again) – having just got in I am very hungry. But I have no tea! I am too tired to cook. Mark has had his tea. I am having pitta bread with red pepper in it (see picture above – not great is it!).
  • Life on Mars isn’t on tonight – just football! Why oh why do boys get priority on the TV? Why does girls TV have to give way to football?

The best thing for days like these is a nice early night. Wake up fresh as a daisy and be warm and loving to humanity and all creation in the morning.


Written by ellenloudon

February 27, 2007 at 7:57 pm

Posted in lament, stuff

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  1. Hope today has been better for you.Sorry if my nattering was getting to you yesterday. Love,Liz

    Liz H

    February 28, 2007 at 5:15 pm

  2. If you need to ask about the Footie then you’ll never understand… So i won’t waste both of our time in explaining it too you… However, I much prefer Life on Mars… to watching the Scum any day…


    March 5, 2007 at 6:49 pm

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