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My mum came over yesterday so Mark and I could go out for his birthday treat. We went out for a meal at Plantation – which provided ‘a taste of the Caribbean’. It was very tasty – I had my first Bristolian curried goat, which I had to say matched anything I have had in Liverpool – tender and smooth. The rice and peas were fantastic. We plumped for the buffet which meant we were able to mix all sorts of flavours and could keep going back for the best bits.

We then went to Cribbs Causeway to vue cinema. Now, call me old fashioned but going to the cinema shouldn’t be this sterile. I hated everything about this venue. The loos were grim, there were too many security guards, the nachos were nasty looking, the popcorn had been made a long time ago, and the auditorium was very messy. Cinema entertainment should be a special thing not a dirty, smelly, slightly menacing experience.

Anyway, we went to see Apocalypto. Which is one of the loudest films I have ever seen (the other very loud film ‘I have ever seen’ was King Kong, which oddly enough provoked similar emotions in me). I found it rather pointless. It was, in cinematic terms, compelling and visually spectacular. But I am not sure what the point was. It was rather like Mad Max. But, set in the past, in south America, with subtitles. The chase scenes were the same, the blood and gore was the same and the apocalyptic vision was a direct echo. Anyway, Mel Gibson’s recent arrest hasn’t done the profile of this film any favours and if this showing was anything to go by punters aren’t flooding to the screenings. In fact we only went because Casino Royale had sold out.

My mum was waiting up for us when we finally got in at midnight (it was very long)! But Mark was happy, we had had a good evening. No arguments, good food and a film that got us talking!

Today we have had a restful day. We didn’t make it to church because we knew that both of us could go to Foundation (Mum is staying until tomorrow). Eva had a nasty cough so in the end Mark and I went on our own to see Annabel, Rupert, Walter and the new baby Morgan. She is so cute, she smells lovely and was very content. I am pleased to say that Annabel was quite well which is a relief. When we got back I cooked a huge roast beef dinner. Joe had made a fantastic chocolate mouse for pudding. Yum Yum.

After foundation, which was an interesting reflection led by Ian McColl, we went to the Highbury Vaults for little half then home for a reasonably early night. I am off to a crematorium and funeral directors tomorrow (compulsory elements of the ‘sickness healing and dying’ course I am taking as part of my ordination training). So, I would like a clear and refreshed head in the morning.


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January 14, 2007 at 7:29 pm

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