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The purple wheelie bin

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This image is reproduced from John Davies site

As Mark is Liverpool, I am missing home and it is nearly Sunday I thought I would reproduce fantastic prayer for the Purple Wheelie Bin by John Davies. When I first read it a few weeks ago in his article written for Third Way I actually cried because I felt so homesick. So here it is:

We give thanks for the purple wheelie bin
Receptacle of all our rubbish,

Carrier-away of our cast-offs, unused goods, undigested foodstuffs, nappies, wrappers, broken electrical items and all the discarded clutter of our cupboards and our lives.

A blessing on those who make it their work to collect these bins together and pour their contents into a waiting lorry,
labouring through soaking rain and stinking heat on behalf of the rest of us wasteful citizens;

A blessing on those who wheel out the bins for their forgetful or frail neighbours, and wheel them in again afterwards;

A blessing on those who brighten up their wheelie bins by painting on them pictures of flowers, favourite TV characters or cartoonish self-portraits.

We give thanks for the purple wheelie bin
Receptacle of all our rubbish.

Give us patience with those who use our wheelie bins as playthings: climbing on them, racing down the road in them like plastic chariots, setting them on fire;

Give us strength to push our full and heavy bins to the roadside, when we are feeling feeble on bin collection morning;

Keep us calm if in a moment of panic we should think our bin has gone, wheeled away up the road or into oblivion.

Help us to forgive those who, years ago now, decided without asking us, that our bins should be purple.

Help us to recycle, and bless those who want to help us to recycle more.

Help us to use less packaging, and bless those who want to sell us things with less packaging on them.

Give us grace to care about our waste and the way it affects our city’s space.

We give thanks for the purple wheelie bin
Receptacle of all our rubbish.


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October 28, 2006 at 10:44 pm

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Mark has gone to Liverpool

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Mark went yesterday and we all miss him. Before he left we had just took delivery of our long awaited Marks and Spencer beds. One double for the spare room and a king size for our bedroom. We have been sleeping on the floor since our arrival in Bristol so the new beds have caused quite a stir. It is amazing: Being off the floor, being comfortable and having new pillows and duvet was the final luxury. Anyway, Mark had to leave this bissful scene to go to Liverpool on his own.

I wanted to go too but thankfully the new bed has made me pleased to be here is Bristol. Bristol is one of the wettest cities I have ever lived in. Mark seems to think this is just an ‘unusually wet year’ – even if it is I am so fed up with it. It is spoiling my adventure. I wanted southern blue skies and warmth. Not the endless patter of west country raindrops. The rain makes it tricky to stick my hair up and my feet get wet. I know the ducks and farmers like it but I don’t.

Anyway, Mark has gone to Liverpool to take photographs of the Liverpool Lantern CO Halloween Parade which I am also sad to be missing. It is a bit of weekend of disappointment really. Good job I have a new bed to retreat to.

I have been writing a chapter for a book about Liverpool popular history all week. My chapter is about music hall (surprise surprise). A new draft is all done and I am trying to send it in an email. But the system can’t deal with it and it keeps being sent back. My CD-R burner is knackered so I can’t even burn it and send it off. I haven’t had be best week really. So much for a relaxing half-term. I might just go back to bed and read my Billy Bragg book.

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October 28, 2006 at 10:45 am

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Fish Poisoning

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I accidently ate fish last night and swelled up…it was very unpleasant. I had a swollen tongue and face and couldn’t get my rings off my fingers. I had to take quite a lot of antihistimines this morning to get it under control. The evening started so well. Ian had come to Bristol because he is touring with Orson and he wanted to go swimming with Eva. So, having spent the day with us he went back to the Carling Accademy and mark and I decided to go out for dinner then go on to see the band later. Having had a minor disagreement about where to eat (we wanted to go to Wagamama but it was full to birsting) so we settled on a Chinese noodle bar on Park Street. I had satay chicken but it tasted very oyster saucey. I ate it just the same. But felt quite ill. I soldiered on (drank a few pints of Guinness) and having left the gig early (it wasn’t really that good) went to a pub and chatted to Ian for a while then came home. When I woke up this morning I had ballooned and was very sick.

What a terrible story!

That apart…we had a great day and it was ace to see Ian. Who was sporting a lovely new tattoo (and I don’t really like tattoos) but this one – pictured above – is particularly fine.

Mark is off to Liverpool tomorrow. St Claire of Toxteth is here now and my Mum is coming to look after Eva while Mark is away and I am at college next week. So, it is all go at Loudon Bristol HQ.

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October 26, 2006 at 1:56 pm

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Foundation Little Service

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I led my first Foundation Little Service last night. I didn’t mention to anyone that I had missed Strictly Come Dancing to write my little offering. Hey ho…apparently Spoony was kicked off – I can’t believe that is really true…I demand a recount. You see, if I had been watching I would have defo have voted for him. He is (was) my favourite. Georgie needs to go – it makes me feel uncomfortable to watch her ‘dance’. Do you know what I am really upset about Spoony going. I feel somehow cheated. Just let it go Ellen (see now I am writing to myself…it is like some sort of madness!)

Anyway, my little service thoughts were focused on Genesis 32:22-30 and this picture of a sculpture by Jacob Epstein ‘Jacob and the Angel’. Slightly more thought provoking than Strictly Come Dancing I hope…

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October 23, 2006 at 12:08 pm

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Benny in a basket

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You may remember that last week Benny placed a dead mouse in my handbag. Well, since then I have had a couple of requests to post a picture of Benny on this site. So, above is ‘Benny in a basket’. This is our washing basket where he likes to sleep, here we can also see a pair of my used socks and other dirty washing. Nice.
Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth would it? But don’t be fooled by the cute curled up cat – he is a merciless killer of mice.

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October 21, 2006 at 3:53 pm

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Wedding Aniversary (nasty cold)

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It is our 8th wedding aniversary. This picture was taken just before we got married and was on our wedding invitations (those of you who were there will remember). It was also on the order of service for our wedding blessing which (finally) took place in July this year. Unfortunately I have a nasty cold so have spent the day in bed (alone, sick and snuffly). Mark did bring me breakfast, tea, cake, some books to read, and a big bunch of flowers. He is the best husband in the world. I love my Mark! XXXX

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October 17, 2006 at 3:16 pm

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Ship of Fools

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St Claire of Toxteth sent me a link to Ship of Fools Godly Gadgets (an old favourite) and I was looking around the site and found this voicemail message that had been left by a member of a congregation. It got me starting to think about what parishioners might call me up about.

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October 16, 2006 at 1:45 pm

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