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Living Generously

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The Loudons are trying to live generously.
I signed up for this a while back and thought I might share it with you.
Living Generously

is a bunch of people who think that if a lot of us begin to make small changes in the way we live, then together we could create a big change in favour of the planet and its people.

There’s about 800 households signed up and each month we get emailed some suggested Generous Actions and the idea is to try and commit to taking on one or two – and then making them part of our everyday life.

Some are easy (takes five minutes to sign up online as an organ donor), some are more of a hassle (switching to an ethical bank, putting a plastic brick in your cistern to save water, starting to shop local and fair trade) and some are more challenging (cutting back on your car use, offsetting your airmiles, improving home energy efficiency).

Every time a Generous member commits to an action, it gets logged on the site and adds to the cumulative effect. For example there’s now 296 people who have stopped taking carrier bags from shops, 248 who turn off the tap when cleaning their teeth and 203 who have unplugged their chargers to reduce their emissions.

Anyway, if you feel like you might like to join the generous bunch then do sign up!


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September 14, 2006 at 9:05 am

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